Danielle Munday

21 Apr

Danielle Munday



The Ides of March

28 Jul

George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Paul Giamatti get political in the film adaptation of Beau Willimon’s Broadway play.

Out in cinemas October 14, 2011

Free Beats

22 Jul

Look at Chris Sullivan, giving out free beats in the streets of New York City. Attracting loads of people off the street from proud jews, Reggie Watts, the monster, all fresh from the Obama high.


Oh Hai

22 Jul

Oh Hai,

For those of you who don’t know I am a Junior Art Director and I work alongside with Charlotte Hugh who is my Junior Copy Writer. Together OhHai a junior creative team based in London.

We have a blog, soon to change into our website, this is to keep everyone updated with what we’re doing, work we find inspiring & worth taking a look at. We also spread further; having a Facebook page, Twitter and just of late a Google+ account. We feel it is very important to be up to date and aware of what is happening in the world around us.

We are a none stop working creative team, constantly working to produce ideas/adverts/graphic/art and generally anything that will catch people’s eyes. We love what we do and We do what we love.

We’ve had a placement at Young & Rubicam in Auckland, New Zealand, and are currently part of the 100 creatives for ‘The Bigger Idea’ [a group of young creatives who work on briefs for The Bigger Experience each week] We’ve also just secured a placement at Profero in London for the summer.

So check us out and have a look at what we do and what we are getting up to. We hope you like what you see and feel free give us any feedback, good or bad.

Twitter : @OhHaiLondon
Facebook: OhHai
Google+: OhHai

Everyone’s a photgrapher. No ones a photographer

22 Jul

This is a collection of Polaroids, Instagrams and photos from my iPhone.

The Polaroids are taken on a FujiFilm Instax 100.

They are on my Facebook and Flickr… Let me know what you think.


22 Jul

There is this new film call drive coming out and I’ve just seen the trailer and it look pretty good!

Check it out

“In the film adaptation of James Sallis’s novel, Ryan Gosling plays a bad boy who tries to help Carey Mulligan’s bad husband and gets himself mixed up with bad girl Christina Hendricks and Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad. In cinemas September 16, 2011.”


Long time no blog… Time to come back

22 Jul