Storm Thorgerson

18 Jul

Biffy Clyro’s last and latest album ‘Only Revolutions’ is not only a great album but also has some amazing album art work to it. As seen on the pictures.

Graphics are by Storm Thorgerson

“Only Revolutions’ was the title and apart from revolving records perhaps Biffy thought that real change could only be effected by drastic means, namely revolution, and flags play a strong revolutionary role, enormous flags even more so. Enormous flags for enormous music, enormous flags to represent the enormous inner feelings of couples in conflict, the subject of many of the songs. Huge flags make great shapes and literally wonderful sounds when flapping in the wind. Despite continuing bad weather we tethered the large flags to a scaffold tower secured by numerous guy ropes and let the wind do its thing (when i say large I mean big enough to engulf a house). In retrospect the bad weather was a blessing for us because the wind came with the rain and grey skies and blew the flags of its own accord forming grotesque yet elegant shapes, changing, enfolding, continuously reforming, resembling creatures – birds, fish, elephants even aeroplanes and innumerable abstract shapes continually different… truly a wonder to behold. Even the colors remained vivid in the shitty conditions on top of a hill in Bedfordshire. Sometimes the wind was strong enough to billow the flags so violently as to knock poor Dan to the ground.”

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