ABC Summer School 2010

19 Jul

I just finish helping at the Advertising and Brand Communication Summer School at UCA Farnham the other day and it was really alright, I didn’t know what to expect at first but it got more interesting as it went on.

It was a three day course they did, due to fund being cut it couldn’t be a week but I think this turned out better. They basically had to make a viral advert within these days.

They split up into groups of four and started storyboarding there ideas. The group I worked in, alongside James Cook (student mentor), decided to do Marmite but decided to take this further by taking XO Marmite.

I hand it to them though, the advert that they came up with was really good for two hours filming it and five hours editing. And actually I think it would be worth re-doing this and sending it off to the advertising company for Marmite.

Id post it on here but I don’t want anyone stealing it!!


2 Responses to “ABC Summer School 2010”

  1. James Cook July 23, 2010 at 11:57 #

    Hello Danny

    Could you send us over that Marmite video please? Might use that for my first blog entry. 🙂



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