Adventure, part II

4 Aug

So I’m off in a week on my trip to the other side of the world and I’m a little bit stressed with re-packing to head back to Farnham when I get back, Student Finance, Rent, Money, Emailing and the one that a bit more stressy than the others is learning to cast properly for this trip.

At the moment I am learning without a hook or bait lure on it and that’s quiet easy, but today I was shown what was going to be attracting the fish to my line.

There are two sizes to this bait lure, small and big. I have put a picture of the small lure below, it is about 15cm and the hooks are 3/4cm. This has made me a little bit nervous due to the last time I went fishing with my dad it was salmon fishing in Scotland and he managed to hook me above my eye and if it was an inch lower I would’ve been blind in one eye, so that the reason I’m a little nervous……… oh and plus that I’ve been told that if I manage to hook myself and it’s really serious there is no one, no medical staff to help……. it will be my dad operating in the Pacific Ocean. Wow what an adventure!

Also can’t remember if I mentioned the other threat whilst out there and that’s the sea. It is the biggest threat to all of us as it could change instantly from good to bad. Stranding us or worse dragging us out to sea.

But chin up, it wouldn’t be an adventure without a threat!

Going to be an amazing adventure and I can’t wait.


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