Reach For The Sky!

4 Aug

If you haven’t already go and see Toy Story 3.

I went and saw it at the IMAX in London and it was really good and hasn’t lost anything from the first two. Its sad and happy!

Also it was my first visit to an IMAX and I’m not totally convinced by 3D yet, I think there is a long way to go with it and people shouldn’t make such a fuss about it at the moment. So if you have bought a 3D TV then there is one word to describe you….. Mug! But having said that I actually liked the 3D at the IMAX and thought it was the best 3D I have seen. I was sitting quiet close to the front and I imagine sitting towards the back a bit more would have been better but none the less I enjoyed it.

Next Inception and maybe Shrek the final (which I think will be ruined)


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