Adventure part III

12 Aug

So today’s the day the adventure starts. It’s weird, I’m excited about the trip but I don’t think it’s fully sunk in that it’s happening because I don’t think I’m as excited as I should be! Bu I bet once I’m in LA il be bouncing!

Last night I didn’t sleep, there is a reason for this and that is in hope of it messing my time clock up so that when I get to LA I might be on there time! I don’t know if it will work but we will see.

There have been alterations to what I thought was happening, these are:
– when we arrive in LA we spend the night there meeting everyone on the trip.
– then Friday we fly at 13.00 (LA time) to Tahiti.
– then a night in Tahiti with an early start the next morning where we fly to canton island. And the we are out for 6 days.
– on our return journey we get a day in Tahiti, this is where I will find my bone hook necklace!
– 22nd we fly back to LA, to spend 2 days there.
– I thought that we fully return on the 24th but I was wrong it’s the 25th at lunch time.

My dad reckons il be out for 2 days after that but I hope not as I’m going to be in Farnham on the 26th untill 28th.

So yeah this is my last blog for a while 😦 communicationless! (yes that is now a word!)
But me and my dad are planning on video blogging, first one being in the airport at Heathrow. Then we will post on our YouTube account. This could be interesting!

So I will be back soon and ready to get back to University 🙂
If you find anything interesting or think I’d like it or just want to keep me updated whilst I’m away, please do so. You know how and if not it’s all on facebook!

See you soon!


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