‘Its Crap!’

29 Nov

So I was showing some business card designs to a friend (Sinead) today. I don’t think she had fully got that it was my designs that I was showing her.

Going through a couple of the designs, she just shouts out ‘Its Crap!’
I replied ‘thanks for that’, which she then gather that it was one of my designs she had just said that about.
She then went on to being apologetic and that she felt bad about saying that about my work I really didn’t care, to be honest, that she had said it, as long as she could back up and tell me why she said it. Everything would be good.

So… short story, cut shorter… no I don’t mind if you slate my work, if you think it rubbish or even good. As long as you can tell me why and be constructive with what you say, that’s all I care about.



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