Another Way To Escape

“Food is energy, energy is thought, thought equals ideas and ideas equal success”

Danny Pallett 24.09.10

Born 28th of April 1989 at Old Rosie Hospital, Cambridge. Danny was unleashed into a vast wide world of various culture, rules, images and people. Through years of taking in these surroundings, making friends, failing, succeeding and learning, he found his direction…

…Advertising was the route, and the solution, to everything he wanted to do… So he packed his bags and left the surroundings that he had become so accustomed to for so long, and began his new adventure and life in a little town called Farnham…

…University for the Creative Arts had his name printed all over it…You see, Danny had never been the brightest academic, but always created stupid, different and a clever ideas…….This place shared the same type people… Now surrounded by these people, he’d learnt more about what he cared for and new ways of expressing his creativity which he didn’t know existed.

Since he could remember he’d always given 100% to what he did, and still to this day gives 100% or more… Determined to become the best of what he can be, he pushed himself to the limit to get there… Being a Pallett means he will not start what he couldn’t finish… Pallett’s don’t give up.

He now controls and shares his thoughts within his WordPress Blog… Anything from images to quotes, events to news and even his own life, is displayed in different ways and forms for everyone to see… He hopes you enjoy what you see and maybe even question it. And thats what he wants… Only Your Thoughts.

Hope you like.


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