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Free Beats

22 Jul

Look at Chris Sullivan, giving out free beats in the streets of New York City. Attracting loads of people off the street from proud jews, Reggie Watts, the monster, all fresh from the Obama high.




28 Jun

Today me and my creative partner Charlotte decided last minute to enter a creative challange, which was to film a viral video & get as many views as possible before tomorrow! Here is our entry!


We have always hated the word ‘nice’ as its a massive cop out when giving opinions! what does it even mean? Nice is something your parents say to you, nice is something people say to avoid saying other things, nice is nothing!

We want constructive critisim, we want positive feedback, we want energy, we don’t want NICE. Share this with your friends, help us to win the challange! Thanks guys!!

Clever Music Video Idea by Maroon 5

8 Jun

Crazy Banjo

17 May
5 May

The Cool Kids – DC & Monster

18 Apr

Lucozade YES film

8 Apr